51mm Mobil Choke Adaptor for Molot 22mm Compensators

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Suitable for most 12g guns that uses 51mm mobile chokes with the thread at the top.

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51mm mobil Choke Adaptor for compensators threaded 22mm x 0.75mm such as Molot & Saiga

Our own exclusive design, these mobil choke adaptors have an extended threaded section, 25mm long threaded 22mm x 0.75mm thread ideal for use with Molot / Saiga Muzzle Brakes / compensators.

Availble in Skeet choke, Simply replace your choke with this and screw on the compensator.

Because its a universal adaptor you can have multiple flash guards and just use one adaptor.


2 reviews for 51mm Mobil Choke Adaptor for Molot 22mm Compensators

  1. Stephan N.

    I was searching so long for a extended adaptor to mount a Compensator on my Benelli M4 – What is necessary, because of the Ghost Ring sights.

    There was nothing on the market – till now!

    I think it’s also interesting for other models – No scratched barrels by clamp-on compensators and you can easy switch between Shooting with compensator or without.

    A real benefit for every Benelli Competition-Shooter!!

  2. Piotr Fajecki

    Awesome product | great service

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